We are delighted to welcome Meg to our team but sadly say goodbye to Cari after 9 years.. Meg Roberts has joined our team. She has been working as an Osteopath in Bridgend and Llanelli for the past year, but has decided to work closer to home and we are delighted that she decided to […]
After 20 yrs of practice at the CRC, I'm taking a mini sabbatical ( equivalent to a school holiday!). My fantastic colleagues Gabe, Lauren, Arwel, Meg & Cari will be looking after my patients whilst I'm away.  This time gives me the chance not only to take a holiday but to challenge myself and fundraise […]
Functional movement in everyday life
Title: Functional Movements in Everyday Life: Enhancing Your Physical Abilities Exercise doesn't have to be a chore .  Time is precious and finding time for exercise can be an additional stress in life. So exercising when you are going about your daily activity can  help you develop achievable routines. From bending and lifting to reaching […]
Gardening in the hot weather: Tackling Back Pain for a thriving garden.
Gardening in hot weather can be both rewarding and physically demanding. By implementing these strategies, you can prevent and manage back pain, ensuring a pleasant gardening experience. Remember to stay hydrated, use proper body mechanics, and incorporate warm-up and cool-down exercises. With these precautions, your garden will flourish, and your back will thank you. Happy […]