The Complex Connection Between Anxiety and Pain Anxiety, a common mental health condition, affects millions of people worldwide. While it is primarily recognized for its impact on mental well-being, anxiety also has an intriguing relationship with physical pain. In this blog post, we delve into the complex connection between anxiety and pain, shedding light on […]
We wish Helen Ward all the best in her new job. Helen has been been with us since 2018 and has been the friendly face greeting patients and managing their bookings on the front desk.  Thank you Helen for all the joy (and cakes!)  you brought to the clinic. We are looking forward to being […]
Our New Website has launched
Spring Launch! We are very excited to welcome you to our new website! We do hope you enjoy reading about the clinic and Osteopathy. You can meet the team, with updated biographies and photos.  Booking online is now super easy with a 1 click button on every page! Plus we have added a great new […]